5 benefits of having a coach

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December 3, 2019
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5 benefits of having a coach

Benefits of coaching

We all have bosses, colleagues and perhaps a mentor we can talk to.  I do hope so.  So what are the reasons for having a coach? My clients feel the top five benefits are:


Coaching can give individuals time to understand their strengths, values and purpose. They can explore how these show up at work and in relationships. They can compare them with those of the organisation and their role within it. This greater sense of awareness is a catalyst for personal growth.

More than behavioural change

Coaching is an intervention that can support behavioural change over a period of time. When engaging with clients on leadership behaviours, we explore how they present themselves now and work towards what they want it to be. My NLP training enables me to also note the thoughts and emotions (good and negative) that are at play. They influence interactions, work projects and the perception of situations. This understanding can be applied to skill development, goal achievement, work/life balance, communication skills and much more.

Gain perspective

Leaders are facing more complex challenges and taking responsibility for their decisions. These decisions will need to be made faster and may have greater risk than ever before. Time with a coach can provide a safe place to gain perspective.

No judgement and a Confidential space

A concern with talking to someone close to an organisation is often that the conversation is not confidential. People fear they will be judged if they are honest about their feelings or personal goals. Qualified coaches will not divulge any details of the conversation unless legally required to do so. Even if we are commissioned by the organisation. Discuss this with your coach in early conversations if you have any concerns.


In my experience the nearer the top of the organisation you are, the less people give you feedback. Direct reports often prefer to tell others rather than you and bosses rarely see your working methods or daily interactions. A long-term relationship with a coach, based on trust and honesty, means coaches can provide a non-judgemental perspective of how you may be viewed. Hard to hear but sometimes necessary.


Want to learn more about coaching and how it can benefit you or your organisation? Call me for a no obligation chat.

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