5 things to do when you’ve been furloughed

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April 23, 2020
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April 30, 2020
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5 things to do when you’ve been furloughed

I was very pleased to be asked by the Hotel Marketing Association to write a post for their site to help hotel marketers that have been furloughed during Covid-19.  Even if you are not working in the hospitality industry, I think the ideas will still be useful.

  1. Review your CV

A good habit to adopt is ensuring that your CV is kept up to date and that you are building it over time so that it remains a powerful representation of you and your career to date.

  • Updating it whilst you are in role makes it easier to remember your achievements. You also have your results to hand to ensure they are quantified (ROI and % increases only to maintain commercial confidentiality).
  • Do not worry about the length. This can be your master copy which you can edit to be relevant to a specific role, key worded and two pages long.
  • If you have been in the same role for over 2 years, take this time to reflect on your progression and achievements. What is it saying your area of expertise is? Are you doing the same projects every year?  Have they developed in complexity, responsibility and results?   What do you need to do more of, get involved in or learn in the next 12 months to add to your achievements?

If you need guidance on the structure and layout of your CV look at recruiter’s websites for examples and tips.  Recruiters look for different things so always be open to change your CV for a specific application.

  1. Develop a new competency or skill

Consider what you can learn that will make you a more effective marketer/leader/colleague when you return to work.  Choose the top one or two to focus on.  Study the topic in depth and have an action plan on how to put it into practice on your return to work.

  1. Consider your values

We are all aware of our company’s values however few take the time to articulate their personal beliefs and values.  Values are behind how you interact with people, the choices you make and how balanced you feel.  Living according to what you value most brings great satisfaction and happiness, so this is a good time for some self-reflection.

  1. Build your network

The time to build your network is before you need to reach out for help.

  • Use networking platforms to connect with alumni and colleagues.
  • Join relevant groups and follow industry influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Participate in conversations and build relationships.
  1. Get into the well-being habit

Looking after your personal well-being during this time is crucial so take advantage of the exercise, nutrition and mental health advice that is available to you.  It is likely to be very busy and even a little overwhelming when you get back to work so start a few new habits now that will help you maintain your well-being.

  • Reduce your coffee intake and increase your water intake
  • Try out some healthy breakfast, lunch, snack recipes that are quick to prepare and can be transported to work.
  • Whether you are getting your 30 minutes of daily exercise with online videos, running or walking, getting into the habit now means it’ll be easier to continue before work or at lunchtime.
  • Try 10-15 minutes of meditation, stretching or journaling as soon as you wake up and see what difference it makes to your mood and productivity. Build this into your routine for when you go back to work.

And accept there are going to be days when you don’t want to do any of the above and that’s okay.  Spend quality time with your family, pets, friends and neighbours (remotely or at a safe distance, of course).  These are exceptional times, that we all hope will not be repeated, and you want to look back and know you were there for them too.

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