Coaching for Charity

Ralph is a friendly chap found as a stray and now looking for his forever home.

Throughout May and June 2020, I am offering coaching sessions for a donation to charity.

Coaching is about gaining greater self-awareness, finding solutions, managing career development and helping people to deliver on goals more effectively.  This is a great opportunity to experience formal coaching and help the National Animal Welfare Trust.

Whether you have been furloughed, still going into the office or are working from a busy home, we seem to have a lot more time to think and self-reflect.

  • Should I be using this time off to develop my skills?
  • How can I get more motivated to finish my to do list?
  • Am I managing my team effectively during this time?
  • How can I prepare to return to work?
  • What changes do I want to make personally, professionally or ecologically now and post pandemic.

In these difficult times, we are also seeking a greater sense of security and order in our lives so I also want to provide a private and non-judgemental space for anyone wanting to talk.  Coaching will help to give clarity to your thoughts and, if needed, provide you with steps to move you forward.

All conversations are confidential and donations can be made anonymously (see below).

I am not getting paid for these sessions however, I am asking for a minimum donation of £25 to the National Animal Welfare Trust.  For the last four years, I’ve spent my spare time volunteering and generating funds for the animals in their care. The amazing team are working 24/7 to keep the animals safe and occupied until centres can open to the public again.  Unable to run their normal fundraising activities they desperately need funds to keep the rescue centres running. As the economic crisis around Covid-19 worsens, it is likely they will see an increase in the number of abandoned and surrendered pets that are brought to the centres. They never stop caring for an animal and need our help so they can be there for them.

Even if you don’t want to be coached, they and I would be very grateful for a donation.

If you are interested, contact me on or call 07724 406667.

We can have a quick chat and get a session in the diary.

How it works

  • Sessions will be by Skype or Zoom. They will last about an hour.
  • Sessions are subject to availability.
  • Donations will be made on my Just Giving page prior to the session. Do not donate for your session until we have had an initial conversation and a session is booked in.
  • Donations for sessions can be made anonymously stating a reference I will provide.  Please ensure you receive this before donating.
  • As you are donating to charity, cancelled sessions cannot be refunded. I will reschedule a time, subject to availability, and this must be taken before the end August 2020.
  • You can donate to the charity on my Just Giving page without having a coaching session.
  • As I am offering coaching services for your donation, Gift Aid cannot be added.
  • NAWT Charity no: 1090499

Contact me below or call 07724 406667.
I look forward to hearing from you!