Individual Coaching

With a coach external to the organisation, clients have a confidential environment to talk through any opportunity, challenge or decision that they are facing. It provides quality time to consider an authentic solution or approach, alternate perspectives and what resources are needed.  Some people say coaching is the one time they can stop, consider what is going on in their work or wider lives, decide on the actions required and how to progress.  Rather than being ‘stuck’ with indecision and unhelpful belief systems, they can move forward with clarity, commitment and courage.

For those wanting to develop their leadership capabilities and gain greater self-awareness more structured programmes are available.  Still delivered with personal goals at the forefront, these programmes deliver some of the foundations for authentic and effective leadership.

Whatever route we take, I provide clients with a thinking partner in a safe and non-judgemental space where they can gain personal insight, clarity and support in moving forward and will be by their side on the journey.

The Self Awareness Programme

For those who want to develop greater awareness of their authentic self and how it shows up in their working lives, I have developed a programme that provides clients with the self-knowledge that enables them to realise their potential.

Self Awareness is the keystone of emotional intelligence.  A greater understanding of values, strengths, motivations and emotions at play helps individuals to interact and lead more effectively, helps manage stress and improve decision making.    The self-awareness gained as part of this programme has the potential to impact immediately on current behaviours, lead to greater self-actualisation and develops a clear road map to achieve personal and professional goals.

As part of the programme, we will:

  • Explore personal and work aspirations and provide clarity to goals with a clear vision
  • Explore values, capabilities, needs and potential barriers to success
  • Understand what is needed to realise these goals and the resulting actions.

Executive Coaching

Engagements can be a one-off session to cover a topic that needs immediate attention and are action and decision orientated or a longer programme which is more transformational in nature and works towards a goal agreed with the client.

My coaching provides clients with

  • space to reflect and breakthrough barriers that may be stopping them from achieving their goals and aspirations
  • facilitated thinking time to solve complex organisational challenges or strategy development
  • greater self-actualisation and self-mastery, strengthened agility of thinking, increased confidence and leadership presence that will last long after the coaching engagement.

Leadership Programme

These longer programmes enable behavioural change through a process of self awareness, exploration, implementation and review.

I use several tools including Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework to discover an individual’s strengths and competencies important to the individual and the organisation.  Over the period of the engagement, focus is given to the development and leverage of those skills.

The time spent together over several months also provides a greater understanding of how values impact daily activity and how to develop an authentic leadership style.

We’ll first have a call to chat through what you and your organisation want to achieve followed by a meeting to discuss the objectives and logistics for the programme with the coachee.

Arrange a chat to discuss your specific requirements.

My programmes are as individual as my clients so it is always best for us to have a conversation about what is needed from a coaching engagement and agree the best way forward. 

Sessions are held via Zoom.  In person meetings can be arranged, on request. 

Group programmes are available.  Contact me to discuss.

Contact me below or call 07724 406667.
I look forward to hearing from you.