Individual Coaching

Now and during my time as a corporate leader, I see the huge benefit of having someone I can talk to confidentially who is non-judgmental. The challenge however is often finding someone who doesn’t bring their own agenda to the discussion or is too prescriptive about what you should or could do. Your views of the same situation are often very different, and what they may suggest with good intentions may not take into account your values, leadership style or thought process. Whether you are starting on your leadership career or reached the C-Suite, we all need a person we can go to, gain clarity of thought and come to a solution that is right for you. Some people say the session is the one time they can stop, consider what is going on in their lives from a unique viewpoint and tune into the effect it is having on them and sometimes their family and their teams too.

With an external coach you are in a safe environment to talk through any opportunity, challenge or decision. To expand your thinking, consider the options available to you from all perspectives and ensure you have the tools to see the solution through.

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We’ll have a coaching conversation about something that is on your mind. You can tell me what your longer term needs are and I shall tell you a little more about my approach so you can make an informed decision about whether coaching with Coaching Confidential is right for you.

Sessions are face to face in London and Hertfordshire or via Skype

My programmes are as individual as you are so it is always best for us to have a conversation about what you need from coaching so we can agree the best way forward.

To give you an idea however, here are some typical programmes.

Personal Impact 3 month programme

A greater understanding of your values, emotions and personality helps you to interact more effectively with others, help to manage stress and improve your decision making.    This understanding is a good start to create an effective development plan and to reach your goals.

This programme consists of six, one to one sessions.

Session One: We explore your aspirations and provide clarity to your goals.

Session Two – Five: These sessions will empower you to realise these goals and explore your capabilities, self-awareness, potential barriers to your success and the resulting actions.

Session Six: We wrap up by reviewing your personal values, your conscious knowledge of your own character and frame of mind and finish with a commitment to yourself and your ambitions.

Because this programme is about you in the context of your aims, the self-awareness you gain from exploring these areas have the potential to impact your career today whilst developing a clear road map to achieve your personal and professional goals in the future.

The six sessions are held face to face or via skype over a three month period*


* Sessions can be held in London or Hertfordshire or via Skype.  All sessions are confidential.

Executive Coaching

With Executive Coaching you set the agenda for each session giving you the time and space to explore what is on your mind and that needs immediate attention.

This is ideal for senior management that need some facilitated thinking time to solve complex organisational challenges or strategy development.

These can be planned as required.  Longer programmes provides the time for more transformational work to provide you the space to reflect, become more self aware as well as delivering on your longer term goals and objectives.

  • One hour complimentary introductory and coaching session
  • Where possible sessions would be face to face or via Skype.*

* Sessions can be held in London or Hertfordshire or via Skype.  All sessions are confidential.

Leadership Programme - 6 and 12 month programmes

These longer programmes enable behavioural change through a process of self awareness, exploration, implementation and review.

I use several tools including Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework to discover individual’s strengths and competencies important to the individual and the organisation.

The time spent together over several months also provides a greater understanding of how values impact daily activity and how to develop an authentic leadership style.

We’ll first have a call to chat through what you and your organisation want to achieve followed by a meeting to discuss the objectives and logistics for the programme.

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