Marketing Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is different to coaching and is more directive. It provides an opportunity for an individual to seek advice from me and use the experience of my 25 years of marketing in the hotel industry, and because of this I only mentor marketers in the service industry. Mentoring is more capabilities and skills based development although some competency work can be carried out as part of the programme.

  • Ideal for marketers that report into a non-marketing person and enables them to call me discuss marketing when they need to. They may have been asked to tackle a new type of task they have not done before and need some advice how to start it. It could be they need to write their first strategy and budget, and although have the theory, want to know how best to put it into practice.
  • Perfect for those periods of time when you are recruiting for a marketing leader and one of the team is ‘holding the fort’.

Each programme is bespoke to the requirements of the organisation so please get in contact to talk about your specific needs.

Contact me below or call 07724 406667. I look forward to hearing from you.