Team Coaching

Systemic team coaching ensure teams work optimally together and as part of the wider organisation.
Having a coach work with a whole team is a cost effective way of developing the team to improve their own productivity. It aligns them with the wider organisation and stakeholders in terms of purpose, objectives and integration. Teams can no longer work in isolation and a team programme can bring a senior management team or functional team together to focus on understanding their optimal performance level and how to get there.

Each programme is bespoke however a typical programme looks like this:

  1. Introductory meeting with the key stakeholder to understand the objectives of the programme, timescales and to discuss my approach in detail.
  2. Proposal presented, discussed and agreed.
  3. Completion of a 360° assessment or a review of any assessment tools already undertaken
  4. Series of workshops with the team over a set period of time, depending on objectives.
  5. Reassessment and review
  6. Debrief

Working with the whole team has a range of benefits over an above the impact on productivity and profits

  • Enhance effectiveness
  • Explore high performance
  • Improved motivation
  • Development and improvement of processes and communication
  • Team purpose, objective alignment and delivery

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