Workplace Wellness Programme Launch

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Workplace Wellness Programme Launch

Andrea McKay and Pamela Carvell, who are both well-respected in the hospitality industry for their marketing prowess, have teamed up to create a Workplace Wellness Programme, aimed at the industry.

They have both been Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for many years, as it underpins a lot of the consultancy, coaching and training projects they undertake. And in more recent years, Pamela has qualified as a Nutrition Adviser (a lifelong passion of hers) and Andrea as a Leadership Coach.

They are well aware of the intense pressures of working in the hospitality industry and both felt that the time was right to marry their complementary knowledge and skills and develop a Workplace Wellness Programme based on 6 modules. The 2 core modules are Happiness and Communications, and these are complimented by Healthy Eating, Time Management, Calmness and Managing Change. Andrea and Pamela are keen to point out that these are not training programmes, nor are they skills-based, but rather revolve around the individual employee, sharing knowledge, techniques and self-awareness exercises to help them maintain optimum wellbeing, both within the workplace and in their personal lives.

Wellness is now a $4.2 trillion industry, but with less than 10% of the world’s workforce having access to workplace wellness programmes, Andrea and Pamela wanted to create an innovative approach for the hospitality industry, where the pressures of work are well-documented*.

A client / employer can initially choose 4 of the modules, for up to 20 team members, in their place of work.  Each module lasts 3 hours and will be delivered by Carvell or McKay in person.

Happiness (Core Module)
If happiness is just a state of mind, then why don’t we all feel happy all of the time? Happy feelings are caused by the body producing certain chemicals, typically triggered by external events. The flaw in this, is that external events too often cause us anxiety and stress, rather than happiness. This module helps individuals to understand the power they have over producing various feelings from within themselves and gives them techniques to use to create a positive frame of mind.

Communications (Core Module)
We are all communicating more than ever with the explosion in social media, and so we are both impacted by, and impact others feelings, both consciously and subconsciously, almost constantly. Communications are at the heart of every interaction, and the ‘accepted’ belief that words contribute no more than 15% of any communication are seriously flawed**.  This module clarifies the significance of the components of any communication, the value of interpretation, the power of a communication on another’s feelings, and shares knowledge to help everyone communicate optimally.

Healthy Eating
‘You are what you eat’ is a well-established saying, but we now have the science to prove that we are indeed what we eat. But what are the best things to eat? There is so much conflicting information out there and even if you are equipped with the right knowledge about nutrition, how do you overcome the urge to eat unhealthily at times of stress, when your body most needs you to eat healthily? This seminar covers the basics of what comprises a healthy diet, and discusses the best foods to handle issues such as stress, problems sleeping, and lack of energy.

Time Management
Time is the most democratic resource, in that we all have the same number of minutes in every 24 hours. However, we live in a world where everyone is communicating 24/7, and expecting an instant response, which applies pressure to our valuable time, especially in the hospitality industry. How we manage and use our time is key to performing well at work, as well as to maintaining a work/life balance and optimal mental health. In this seminar we explore the ways you can prioritise activities, the importance of your values in using your time well, techniques for managing complex tasks and a multitude of time management tips.

No matter what your role within a busy work environment, there is a constant supply of triggers that can see tensions rise. This workshop will explore what happens when a person is under pressure and provides some exercises and techniques to practice that can help individuals to stay calm and keep smiling.

Managing Change
We may as well get used to change because it’s constant. How people handle change varies and what is exciting to one is very uncomfortable to another. This workshop discusses how to combat resistance to change, build resilience and how to start creating the changes we want to make.

For more information contact or call 07724 406667 to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs.


* A 2019 survey by the Royal Society of Public Health stated that 84% of hospitality workers had suffered increased stress as a result of their job.

** Albert Mehrabian

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