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Develops a leader through improving self awareness, personal impact and maximising strengths.  Action based, they can immediately apply learning to the achievement of goals. Read more…

Team Coaching

Systemic team coaching ensures teams work together optimally and as part of the wider organisation. Improved productivity and motivation = increased profits. Read more…

Leadership Self Awareness Programme

A greater understanding of values, strengths, motivations and emotions at play help individuals to interact and lead more effectively, helps manage stress and improve decision making.  A great foundation coaching programme for any leader.  Read more…

Strategy development workshops

Our strategy development workshops will ensure you develop a robust strategy where all stakeholders have had a voice, teams are aligned, there are clear accountabilities for delivery and it is well communicated for company wide engagement.    Read more…

Andrea McKay

Meet The Coach

I primarily work with subject experts that have been promoted into a role where they are managing people and want to step into their full potential as a leader or may have found the transition challenging.  As a coach, I am curious, give clients the space to reflect and help them gain clarity on the steps that will move them forward in a way that is right for them.  I mostly work with heads of department however have had clients who are business owners, yet to have their first direct report and CEO’s.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation
  • AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching
  • Certified Breakthrough Coach
  • International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
  • Real World Group Licensed Facilitator (Leadership Behavioural Assessments)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • I also have a Masters degree in Marketing.
  • Amy Brown, Client Services Director
    Andreas' approach really helped me to explore thoughts and challenges I was experiencing, and she asked all of the right questions in the right places to help me find my answers, move forward with conflicts, and gain a better self understanding. All of this has already helped me progress with more confidence and understanding of how I can fulfil my goals and be successful.
    Amy Brown, Client Services Director
  • Stephen Moran, Director of Marketing
    Coaching has helped me to evaluate the workplace with greater objectivity, identify opportunities to improve performance and enabled me to explore alternative approaches to challenges within the workplace. Andrea is extremely professional and I felt assured by her approach and expertise, in particular her knowledge of the hospitality industry was beneficial. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea to a fellow professional, team or business.
    Stephen Moran, Director of Marketing
    Intercontinental London Park Lane
  • Leslie Sarfati
    Working with Andrea’s approach really helped me to find proactive and measurable solutions to my everyday challenges. Each session made me feel more empowered and confident in my work.
    Leslie Sarfati
    Marketing Manager
  • Frances, Business Owner, USA
    Andrea created a safe space with her calm presence, excellent listening and powerful questions that allowed me to share deeply, make connections and gain insights that otherwise would not have happened.
    Frances, Business Owner, USA
  • Michelle Coulson
    Andrea is a great coach and really helped me with developing my own skills. She is very perceptive and has a great talent for really bringing the best out of people.
    Michelle Coulson
    Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Marie-Laure, France
    Thank you Andrea to have patiently accompanied me to find my way throughout my objectives.
    Marie-Laure, France
  • Suzie Thompson, VP Commercial
    Working with individual members of our team, Andrea ensured that clear objectives were set and actions between sessions agreed in order to help build self awareness and personal confidence in the team members who received the coaching. The impact of the sessions was almost immediate and continue to positively impact our team each day.
    Suzie Thompson, VP Commercial
    Red Carnation Hotels
  • "Thanks for your time and for allowing me to grow in my role but also within myself. I truly think coaching can help all of us at some point in our career."PP

    "Thank you for all your support and for the opportunities and development you have given me" TA

    "Thank you for the trust you placed in me and for your excellent sense of humour" RL

  • Yogesh Ram, Director of Marketing
    I really liked and appreciated Andrea’s empathetic and deep listening style.  Andrea was personally invested in seeing my progress and that was very valuable for me. I can definitely recommend Andrea as a coach.
    Yogesh Ram, Director of Marketing
  • Sasha Ramdoo
    Andrea is amazing at drawing out exactly what you want to achieve and then clearly mapping out the steps you need to take. She fills you with confidence and all the goals seem achievable and obtainable in the time lines set. I often feel overwhelmed and unfocused, however after a session with Andrea everything becomes clear. I can safely say that without Andrea's coaching I wouldn't have launched my website.
    Sasha Ramdoo
    Founder of SR Fashion Start Consultancy
  • Keybi, Canada
    Andrea is an intuitive, gentle and efficient coach. Andrea has strong intuition and has the ability to see through what needs to be addressed in the coaching setting, in order for the coachee to get access to new development.
    Keybi, Canada
  • Lyda, Business Owner, Greece
    Andrea created a safe space during our sessions. Her warmth, presence and powerful questions allowed me to be myself, share deeply, and gain insights that otherwise would not have happened.
    Lyda, Business Owner, Greece
  • Julie
    Andrea provided an excellent environment for me to think through familiar topics yet see them with a different perspective.
    Business Owner

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