Strategy and Meeting Facilitation

Strategy Development

Strategy and its development can be like watching wild horses; everyone is terribly keen to get going whether the destination is clear or not, they set off believing they know where they sit within the herd and at some point it will be their time to take the lead.   Over time a few veer off towards what is seen as a beneficial diversion hoping others will follow and those unsure of their place now begin to slow down and graze.  Have  you experienced that?

When we work with you to develop the strategy we start with the team that will be responsible for delivering it and the stakeholders that are involved.  However briefly, we find this sets you up ready to deliver a robust strategy for your organisation or team.  Whether you are wanting to revisit your purpose, vision and values or achieve greater accountability to deliver on agreed actions, we can support you with facilitation that will deliver on your desired outcome.

With years of experience developing strategies at hotel and multinational level, we will go through a development process that will ensure teams are aligned, all stakeholders are represented and clear actions are agreed and the strategy is communicated throughout the organisation to ensure engagement.

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The cost of bringing top thinkers together in one room means you need to ensure you reach the objectives set for that meeting and come out with agreed actions, including who is accountable. It can, however, be hard to facilitate a meeting and fully contribute to the topic being discussed.

A facilitator will

  • Keep time
  • Keep the group focused on the topic being discussed
  • Ensure open communication
  • Follow a clear process to achieve objectives
  • Ensure engagement by all parties
  • Ensure a conclusion and clear actions are reached with those accountable.

Coaching Confidential provides facilitation services that act as a neutral third party to run brainstorming, product, project, strategy and planning meetings. This means that all core attendees are actively working on the required outcome and engaged in the outcomes.

Special Offer

£500 for the facilitation of a day meeting

held before 31st August 2022*

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* Subject to availability.  Travel costs may apply.

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